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Data for roughly 139 million users has been taken during the breach

Canva is one of Australia's biggest tech companies. Founded in 2012, the Canva website has become a favorite among regular users and large companies who often use it to build quick websites, design logos, or put together eye-catching marketing materials. Since its launch, the site has shot up the Alexa website traffic rank, and has recently entered the Top 200, currently ranked at #170. Three days ago, the company announced it raised $70 million in a Series-D funding round, and is now valued at a whopping $2.5 billion. Canva also recently acquired two of the world's biggest free stock content sites -- Pexels and Pixabay. Details of Pexels and Pixabay users were not included in the data stolen by the hacker. Stolen data included details such as customer usernames, real names, email addresses, and city & country information, where available. For 61 million users, password hashes were also present in the database. The passwords where hashed with the bcrypt algorithm, cu
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The Boeing Case Study: Goodwill’s Role in Valuing Claim Payouts

The amount of the award seems staggering at first glance. In the aftermath of the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max fleet , the aerospace manufacturer recently set aside $100 million for the families of those killed in the Lion Air and Ethiopian Air tragedies ($50 million for “near-term financial help” and $50 million “to support education, including college tuition or other schooling expenses for children of victims and hardships or living expenses for impacted families.”) This sum does not include any potential lawsuits that may be filed, and families will be allowed to file a suit regardless of whether they take any portion of the $100 million. If the Roundup pesticide settlements are any guide, Boeing can expect to pay hefty sums in the near term. Roundup Fallout Roundup, the popular weed-killer produced by Monsanto Co. and owned by Bayer, has been the subject of three major court settlements in California. In August 2018, Dewayne “Lee” Johnson accepted a $78 million s

Risk Leadership 2019 Event

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Job Alert: Vice-President Prevention & Employer Services – Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board THE ORGANIZATION The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (SaskWCB) has a legislated mandate to deliver workplace insurance to Saskatchewan employers and benefits to Saskatchewan workers if they are hurt at work.    The SaskWCB is governed by a three-person, full-time Board of Directors (BoD).  The Chief Executive Officer reports to the BoD and is supported by an executive team of five. Anchored by the Meredith Principles, the vision of the SaskWCB is  to eliminate injuries and restore abilities .   Their mission is  to be a customer-centric organization that continuously seeks to add value for their customers through a culture of Continuous Process Improvement .   SaskWCB values guide their actions and decisions:  Safety  – we relentlessly pursue Mission: Zero ensuring all employees have the healthy and safe workplace they deserve Respect for People  – we recognize th

ARM Online Certification

You can register for an online ARM certification classes by registering at We offer all three ARM courses. ARM 54, ARM 55 and ARM 56. Contact us for more details. About the ARM Designation The ARM program teaches the in-depth knowledge needed to assess and respond to the numerous hazard risks your organization faces.  ARM helps you: Build a strong foundation in the science of risk management Gain practical skills to avoid, reduce, and manage risk Learn to adapt those skills to meet changing needs The following courses are required to earn the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation: ARM 54—Risk Management Principles and Practices Risk Management Standards and Guidelines; Hazard, Operational, Financial, and Strategic Risk; Risk Identification, Analysis, and Treatment; Financial Statement Risk Analysis; Capital Investment ARM 55—Risk Assessment and Treatment Risk Assessment and Treatment; Root Cause Analysis; Business Contin